Friday, May 16, 2014

preschool graduation

It's unreal how fast the years go by. Just yesterday we sent the girls off for their first day of preschool.

Look at those baby faces!
And now suddenly, it's their last!
They're practically teenagers!
We loved our preschool so much, that I had a hard time dropping them off for their last day. Not only because they are growing up so fast, but because we won't get to be a part of their preschool's loving community. Fortunately, we will for sure run into their favorite teacher at church over the years, and I know the girls will keep their memories of their favorite times for many years to come.

Last preschool pickup...

And graduation night!

And to quote Evie in her usual dramatic voice, "We're kindergartners now!!!"

Thursday, May 8, 2014


T-ball started this week (after having been rained out all week last week). It's hilarious and fun. The kids are new to t-ball so it's fun watching them navigate; running to the wrong base, throwing to the wrong person, walking off the field after hitting. It's all too funny. Rob and another dad are first time coaches as well, so everyone has a big learning curve!

The girls are part of the Lime Lizards team, along with several of their friends. I think it will be a fun season!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

an active easter

The weather rarely cooperates for a beautiful Easter day, but this year it did! We spent a lot of it outdoors trying out every sport/game that has been stored in the garage all winter.

We arrived at Nana and Papa's on Saturday afternoon after celebrating Violet's birthday at her house. Party favors included fairy wings and wands which the girls wore the rest of the weekend. Daddy and Papa played golf, while the girls played in the backyard.

The Easter Bunny brought the girls two baskets each (you know, one from Maple Grove and one from Faribault) and they had fun opening up books and Legos and sweaters to wear to church! After church we did a little egg hunt (the bunny came back to hide eggs while the girls were busy playing Legos). 

After the eggs were all hunted, we headed to brunch at the country club with Magramma and Boompa. It was super yummy and Rob probably ate half of the ham (glazed with bourbon, a must try); but a few people got a bit antsy after eating their weight in french toast.

It was time to head back to Nana and Papa's and play! And wouldn't you know, the Easter Bunny had been to Magramma's house too! He brought some really cool (and much needed) outdoor toys.

It was immediately time to toss around the frisbee.

And then since t-ball is starting soon, it was time to get a bit of practice in. Except the girls don't want to use the tee. Instead they want to be pitched to or pitch to someone else. 

Now, hopefully the spring weather will continue!!